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Tianjin to build international race car circuit

TIME:Jan 11, 2013 Click:102 Belongs:Industry_news

Tianjin will build its first international race car circuit, the Skyline Circuit, next year. This circuit area will cover 20 hectares, and developers hope it is completed before National Day in 2011.

The Skyline Circuit will be built in the city’s Wuqing district with a 2.4-kilometer, international-level track and a 1.4-kilometer professional go-kart track. An investment of 60 million yuan to 80 million yuan was spent on the pre-design stage, and the project has now reached the design-and-development stage, North.com reported.

North.com reported that the new circuit will cover 20 hectares, and added that plans call for facilities covering 1 million square meters, including automotive sections, news media offices, restaurants, VIP facilities and parking. During a latter development stage, Skyline Circuit will partner with the city of Huabei to build an automobile refitting base and high-end auto park.

When Skyline Circuit is completed, developers plan to host domestic and international racing events each year that will include CTCC Tianjin RACES, the Polo Cup, Shangku Cup, and domestic and international go-kart contests.

By Guo Changdong and Zhang Man

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